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Fit Fit

Eat, train, share, repeat.

Fit Fit is a social Plateform to get the best eating and training habits from the communities you're interested in. Get the specific advises that best suit you from your friends and when you reach the top, share your receipes, trainings and tips.


Crowdlending plateform for public projects

Cities don't meet banks anymore to get a loan. They meet their citizens instead who invest their savings into public projects that directly benefits the community. In exchange they get interests back. An investment that makes sense.


Omniscient market oriented robot

You wanna know which influencer talks best about your brand online? And what provider grows the quickest in your market? But also what product of yours has the more problems after sales? Ask Mosekey.

Hello Tomorrow

Simply the biggest Sci-Tech Startup Summit in the world.

Hello Tomorrow Summit gathers all the best universities in the world, 500 most promising startups for the future, the biggest companies and their best executives and the most proactive investors. Yes, that's superlative only.


A century of experience in building two wheelers

They've been the first, the fastest and the most sold arround the world. And they will now be the most qualitative, sexy and clean two wheels available. Period.

Light Art Festival

Light, Art, Festival. Snow too!

A unique event in a winter backdrop to present the best light art pieces in a magical moment for all.

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